Healing–A Weekend Workshop for Anyone Facing Fertility Losses

Healing–A Workshop for anyone facing fertility losses

Sat & Sun 10am - 6.00pm Oct. 31st/Nov. 1st, 2009

Venue: North Bank
28 Pages Lane
Muswell Hill, London
N10 1PP

Cost: £160

£300 for couples
(some bursaries for unwaged or low-income individuals)

This workshop is for anyone who has experienced infertility, failed
fertility treatment, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, premature
menopause, secondary infertility, stillbirth, neonatal death, sperm
problems or unwanted childlessness–whatever the cause.

Women, men and couples are welcome.
Partners are particularly encouraged to attend.

All sexual orientations welcome.

(Men who find the courage to attend report great satisfaction from having done so.
However often male partners are reluctant and usually there are several women attending alone–and some workshops end up being only women.)

The outcome of this workshop varies:

  • Most people do some necessary grieving; they end up feeling lighter & calmer.
  • Most gain valuable insight & have a change of perspective, especially after hearing others speak; most participants have more clarity about what to do next–if anything.
  • Important links are often forged that lead to ongoing supportive relationships of depth & value. Isolation is broken. This is cited as one of the most significant positive outcomes.
  • Occasionally groups decide to do further work together.
  • Those who attend with partners report a much improved sense of rapport and connection with the partner.

The benefits take various forms:

  • Sometimes people come to terms with childlessness and decide to stop further treatment;
  • Sometimes individuals & couples decide to undertake treatment, but in a new spirit;
  • Sometimes the door opens to adoption, when it had seemed closed.

Some ‘ways in’ include:

  • visualisation
  • art/drawing
  • movement
  • meditation
  • plain old talking

No previous experience is expected. If you were terrible at art, it doesn’t matter! It’s not about that!

Great care is taken to create a safe, compassionate and healing atmosphere.

FACILITATOR: Meredith Wheeler

I’m a psychotherapist who has specialized in therapeutic group work around this issue
for 19 years and have experienced infertility myself. I’m a graduate of Stanford University
and live in southwestern France with my husband and far too many cats and hens.

To book on-line, email for a registration form–or see if my attempt to put it on this blog site worked….
Some bursaries are available to people who are unemployed or on low incomes.

I know it takes courage for many people to attend a workshop like this. Participants often tell me that they considered not showing up–having booked & paid! Please read the comments of people who have taken part. Many people find the workshop is an important turning point.