Holidays and childlessness

The holidays can be a particularly painful time for the unwillingly childless.

Some people still have a vibrant inner child who enjoys the festivities.

Some enjoy taking neices, nephews, godchildren or other youngsters to do special activities (ice-skating, plays, pantos, visiting Santa’s grotto).

Some devote themselves to needy families who will have NO Christmas unless outside angels step in and help.

I wonder if anyone has any strategies or suggestions to offer?

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  1. Our suggestion - try something intentionally untraditional ! We have taken the hype off the version of Christmas that we could never live up to and created a fun night with friends (who have no young children to focus on)and make the focus on laughter and doing whatever might be fun that year…as long as it is NOT traditional ie: no turkey, no stuffing, no christmas carols, no seated dinner … etc - We just ‘flipped the script’! Each Christmas day around 4pm I have that event to look forward to … what started out as defiant sarcastic thought ended up putting some celebration back into Christmas for us all. give it a try … make the UNtradition your new tradition.

  2. Love this concept of “flipping the script”! Thanks for that idea!

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