Comments on Past Workshops

“I especially valued the chance to have my feelings understood and validated by others. It felt like a sanctuary!”

“The thought that I can live with all this grief, longing, loss and lead a good life nevertheless, began to germinate.”

“I feel much better now and I think I have more resources, within me, to approach my fertility issue.”

“I liked the closeness of the group, the intimacy, the sense of safety and the opportunity to share our experiences.”

“I finally put to rest some old wounds; realised there are a lot of other people out there suffering with all the same problems & that it is still possible to come through it all a creative, fulfilled, balanced person.”

“I feel I am coping better; I like myself more; I am more optimistic; I feel less alone. And if I am not destined to have a child, I do believe I could accept it eventually and cope.”

“I have a stronger feeling of my identity as a woman having a place among women, even though I have no family and haven’t conceived. I no longer feel isolated.”

“The experience of sharing has taught me that most of the fears & anxieties are okay…My sense of purpose is not entirely bound up in being a mother–and I can’t rely on a child to give me a sense of direction.”

“I sometimes feel positive about being able to make loving and open connections with women who are pregnant or who are mothers, without squashing my own needs and feelings. I tell more people about my fertility problems and I feel less shame.”

“Hearing other people express emotions that resonate with mine puts me in closer touch with myself–I live a little bit more fully through the sharing of experience; I don’t feel so alone and ‘other’. I’m kinder to and more hopeful about myself.”

“I have taken away a better sense of self-worth, inner strength.”

“I realised why infertility was so painful for me. I had thought I was unhappy just because I couldn’t have children, but came to see how other things in my present and past were interwoven with my infertility problems.”

“I can see that having a child won’t solve my own feelings of inadequacy….I am already less concerned about what others think and am trying to treasure what I already have, rather than yearn for what I think I should have.”

“Eighteen months ago I was ready to give up my job, I was punishing myself or thought I was being punished, and on my own I have managed to get my perspective on life back on track. This workshop made it clear that I wasn’t just kidding myself that life is going to be okay. It has brought to light very clearly how important, vital even, my spiritual needs and beliefs are….”

“I valued the chance to meet other women in similar circumstances and the opportunity to explore my own inner conflicts in context with their views; it was revealing to be able to express my feelings fully to others who would listen and really understand, and to hear their responses; equally, it was valuable to listen to their stories.”

“I thought the visualisations and drawing were incredibly powerful and helped to understand my situation, not only in relation to infertility, but on many different levels.”

“I really enjoyed all the drawing exercises and found this a useful way of expressing difficult and suppressed emotions.”

“From the moment I walked into the room it felt safe. The atmosphere you create is relaxing and in a grounded way, spiritual. Just talking about my experience with people who really know what it feels like was very valuable.”

“The exercises were fun to do and I was surprised at how useful there were in bringing underlying stuff to the surface.”